LCA Compliance

The Department of Labor (DOL) has the authority to conduct investigations against employers to determine whether they have met Labor Condition Application (LCA) requirements or have engaged in other prohibited conduct related to the LCA. Such investigations are conducted by the Wage and Hours Division of the DOL and violations may result in penalties against the employer, which can include back pay awards, civil fines and/or debarment from certification of additional LCAs. An investigation can be triggered by an aggrieved person or by an organization filing a complaint with the DOL. Additionally, the DOL has the authority to undertake “directed investigations” on its own initiative if it believes a violation has occurred.

To ensure compliance with LCA regulations, we recommend LCA public access records are audited on a regular basis and training is given to individuals responsible for maintaining these records.

Regular Public Access Files and Internal Audit

We will ensure that all of your public access files are maintained as per the DOL guidelines and the staff gets trained to keep them up to date. We also conduct audits for our clients to ensure the state of preparedness in case of potential future DOL audit.