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H1B Visa Stamping at US Consulate after 221(g)

I feel privileged to write about Ms Gunjan Rekhi and like to thank her for the commendable work she did on my case.

Professional, diligent and excellent work ethics are few words to describe Ms. Gunjan and her commitment to providing the best services to the clients.

I am associated with Ms. Gunjan and her team from August ’11 when she filed my H1B. After 15 days we got a request for further evidence (RFE). Ms. Gunjan correctly and accurately replied to the RFE and we got an approval. This was not the end of the tunnel. I went to the US consulate to get the visa stamping and was given a 221g Blue slip with whole set of documents requested from us. With Ms. Gunjan’s efforts we were able to submit the documents pretty soon.

With the 221g replied, we were hoping for a reply in a months time. And we got a reply in 1 month time. We were mailed one more 221g Blue slip. Our ordeal was not ending. Ms Gunjan, a perfectionist again started working on my documents. We submitted the documents and finally got my visa stamped in few months time. After which she and her team assisted me in getting the visa for my dependent. She has been instrumental in my successful visa stamping.

I highly recommend Ms. Gunjan Rekhi and her team. Thanks for being there always.




L1A Case Approval

The Best Law Office to Exist !!! I am very Thankful to Ms. Rekhi and her assistants for helping us throughout the whole process. They were so professional and systematic in processing our documents. I am very happy that I and My Wife gave our full trust to this law firm. Ms. Rekhi, You are the best. Thanks You so much.

I highly recommend Rekhi Law Offices for immigration services. Especially for L1 visas, as Ms. Rekhi and her team has intricate knowledge of every step, which is very crucial for a successful outcome.

Vivek & Zoya


H1B  Approval after two subsequent RFE’s


I am very happy about M.’s case because of it’s complications and the effect it could’ve had on the company, thanks for your hard work in this case. It makes a lot of difference to me.




221 G Approval New Delhi, India

Congrats H. !

Thank you Gunjan ! You took the stress out of the response for us.




Hi Gunjan,

Good News. My wife has received the passport with visa stamped.

Thanks Gunjan for your effort and support.

Thanks J.  for the help.




221 G Approval Ottawa, Canada

Hello all,

I got my visa approved. I was asked to drop off my passport today. Thank you all for your help!



221 G Approval Mumbai, India

Hi Gunjan,

Today morning, I got a pleasant surprise. I got my passport with H1B Visa Stamped on it.
4 months after our second 221g document submission, i got the visa stamped 🙂
Thanks to B. and you for all the blessings and hard work.

Thanks & Regards,